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Keiba Murray

Keiba Murray


“Peace is a construct of your values. We cannot achieve peace externally if the potential motives and methods suggested to achieve peace are in contradiction with your values. Your path towards peace cannot contradict your soul goal. You can loose your degrees tomorrow, all you have is your character, your principles, your heart and your soul. Let achieving and sustaining peace internally and externally be your soul goal.” Keiba Ife’ Murray

I am defined by the choices I create, the summation of my experiences, my daily energy, the richness of my vision and the actions I take towards fulfilling my purpose. I am renewed by learning from life and the growth that evolves my perception. I am not defined by my profession, religion, political affiliation neither by people’s opinion or definition of me. In addition to being a Senior Accountant / Corporate Secretary and Entrepreneur, I am also a Beekeeper and Poet.

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