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Younten Phuntsho

Younten Phuntsho


His name is Younten Phuntsho and he is from Thimphu, Bhutan. He was born on 7th September, 1990. He always felt somewhat blessed being born in the Himalayas with such great biodiversity and culture. At a young age he was fortunate to have supporting parents and brothers who always cared for him and taught him to stay humble and grounded. His father was his idol. He always told Younten that life is a beautiful gift and that he mustn’t take anything for granted. He always told him to be the difference in this world and always be kind and humble.

Growing up in a community with people of different backgrounds taught him the harsh realities of life and always felt that life was not fair to all. He has seen and witnessed a lot of youth and his friends being consumed by depression, drugs and violence.

Ever since, he has developed a keen interest in helping the youth. He believes that investing in the youth is the key as we all know it that they are our future. He was also very fortunate to be able to study abroad, to learn from people with different culture and background. Even though he holds a bachelors degree in International Relations, he was lucky enough to take classes in child psychology and various gender studies.

Currently, he is working for the Basketball Federation of Bhutan, which falls under the umbrella of Bhutan Olympic Committee. Working for the Federation gave him the platform to be able to work with the youth by using basketball as a medium to build friendship and countering drug abuse among youth by keeping the youth engaged in healthy and fun activities.

He feels that the youth must be given the guidance and opportunity as they are our future.

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