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Stefania Zourka

Stefania Zourka


Stefania Zourka comes from Greece and she is currently traversing the final year of her studies in the Faculty of Law of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She is a member of the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA Thessaloniki), as well as a volunteer in Amnesty International. She is highly motivated in participating in simulations of international institutions, such as Models of the United Nations, as she believes that it is the best way to enhance in the practical and essential promotion of human rights, by learning the legal, political and social factors of decision making.

Additionally, in her hometown, Kozani, she has initiated and established the idea of the simulation of the Youth Municipal Council procedures, an idea that is being developed and evolved. She is considered as a youth worker in the context of the director of these specific activities. She has participated in several conferences, youth exchanges and seminars, concerning intercultural activities, the EU and the UN better knowledge. She highly supports the aspect of gaining soft skills through a multidimensional civic engagement, in every aspect of society and political sphere. Her academic interests are enlightened from the fields of International Law and International Relations, focusing on Human Rights and International Law on armed conflicts. She is an Editor and Analyst in the Association on International and European Affairs.

She is highly inspired and motivated by getting to promote youth-cooperation and active participation in every aspect of the regional, national and international level, as it is the only way to begin with being the change the world needs.

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