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Othniel Baraka

Othniel Baraka

DR Congo

Othniel Baraka is a young leader from Democratic Republic of the Congo who has developed a strong passion for rewriting the current reality and creating a more inclusive world. He started out at 17 with a project that reunited 720 farmers in the warzone of eastern DR Congo and increased their income through access to consumer data in the region. Before starting college, he delivered 15 courses at a local high school in DR Congo to 800+ students while tutoring university students in math, physics and economics. During his college time, Baraka worked with Doctors Without Borders in Cameroon to design financially sustainable healthcare projects for Epicentre and develop and execute business development strategies for KmerPad LTD. This experience enabled him to serve the lower class of Cameroon by working with a company that produces reusable pads for west and central Africa. In DR Congo, Baraka is known as the founder and chairman of SillonBlue Technologies, an ICT consulting startup that designs and develops business friendly IT solutions for companies and individuals. Through SillonBlue, he also trains top young refugees in ICT and connects them to internships and job opportunities with 100% success. His passion for the social cause pushed him to work as a partner at the Mann Global Health on a research project for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Africa on increasing penetration of intelligent healthcare solutions developed by the organisation. Baraka is deeply passionate about entrepreneurship and he believes in a world where peace does not mean absence of war, but a state of mind fueled by positivism, creativity and forwardness despite challenges and sufferings faced by the subject.

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