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Milena Sherin Franke

Milena Sherin Franke


Milena Sherin is a representative of the United Nations as well as a law student in the German capital Berlin. Since many years, she represents the voices of migrants and refugees all over the world and is passionate about human rights. In her free-time she is working as a journalist for
different German magazines and especially focusing on the Middle East. Through her work for the United Nations, she was awarded by UNICEF and worked recently with the European Union. Now,she is speaking 8 languages and is much more enthusiastic to support human rights and
especially as someone who is a refugee herself. In addition, Milena Sherin has been involved in a lot of campaigns as a representative of the United Nations and recently participated at the Global Compact on Migration conference in Morocco as well as she is working with different
governments and embassies all around the world. In Germany, she encourages young people to
develop own projects in the name of UNICEF to ensure that every child is heard. Furthermore, she
takes advantage of her language skills and is supporting refugees living in Germany through
translating, tutoring kids, doctor visits and consular affairs. The experience she has made,
brought her to the person she is now and she strongly believes that peace is the only way, to
create a beautiful world everyone can live in.

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