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Majd Owda

Majd Owda


Majd OWDA is 25 years old, graduated with honor from faculty of law at An-Najah National University in Palestine, she obtained her master degree from Ca Foscari university of Venice / Italy ” Human Rights and Democracy in the MENA Region” . Now, she is a Ph.D student in International Relations and Diplomacy program at CEDS in Paris. She started her social activity while she was BA student in Palestine for women rights through Palestinian NGOs specially An-Najah Legal Clinic and through my membership the Palestinian Bar Association.
To be born in a continues armed conflict area that lead her to defend women right in a very critical situation and led her to believe that women are one of the most effected categories in the society during the conflict, which led her to believe that peace will bring women rights at many and different levels. Disadvantage people will be always the most effected people in the absence of peace. Majd believe that Human rights need real, just and sustainable peace, and it’s always be possible to get since she believe in.

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