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Logesh Kumar Sethuraman

Logesh Kumar Sethuraman


Logesh Kumar Sethuraman is an Entrepreneur and currently managing KT Group. Academically, he holds a Bachelor in Entrepreneurship majoring in Retailing from University of Malaysia Kelantan, Malaysia. Professionally, he is President of Altruistik Malaysia, Policy Advocacy of SDG8 in UN MGCY, Director of SDG4; ASD Acceptance Campaign, Malaysia Book of Records Holder; Human Achievement Category. Former Latin America & The Carribbean (UN Volunteer) registered representative. He believed that in order for him to serving the need, he had to understand them and their hardship. So he equipped himself, some saving money, and clothes to walk in Kuala Lumpur city. He leaves the metropolitan after stayed 1 year of hardship. He believe impacted the choices he made. Like his believe to never abandon anyone behind. He also believe youth inspiring change by “giving” attitude in the youth and to encourage them to contribute towards a better world by taking small but positive steps.

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