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Hasnae Bakhouch

Hasnae Bakhouch


A passionate young Leader from Morocco, Hasnae is in her second year of Excellence Bachelor in Political science and International studies at Mohammed V University,

She was certified as a Debater and a public speaker when she was 16 the thing that served her to participate in multiple national competitions and Championships.

Furthermore , Hasnae is a member in ” Atlas for development” an NGO in her community that works on SDG’s and youth empowerment , she’s a manager of September 25th project , after the Agenda 2030 adopted by the United Nations and it focuses on promoting the SDG’s through a serie of interviews and meetings with various public personalities , in addition to that , she has contributed in the Global compact on Migration by participating in the Youth Forum on Migration to actively make her voice reach other young people from all over the world .

Hasnae advocates for peace, gender equality, human rights and strong institutions, her devotion for peace dialogue made her initiate a debate club in her university, she wants her community to be fully aware of the importance of peace as a part contribution of the world’s peace, in her own words ” Peace is the language of love, tolerance and acceptance of each other’s differences” .
As a peace Ambassador, Hasnae is committed and fully engaged to make an effective impact in her community!

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