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Goh Xie Loong

Goh Xie Loong


Xie Loong is passionate in technological resolution towards sustainability issues and ultimately world peace. Quoting from him, world War II had made clear to the world the destructive potential of technology: the ravaging deadly machines throughout Europe and the exploding bombs and mines of unspeakable power on Asia; the whole planet was engulfed in a maelstrom of- human design. For once and real, technology is now engulfing the world again too, with Internet of Things and data chain, but this time, he believes that we can uphold that Ubiquity nature of technology right, because he reckons that if the global peace in the past centuries was built on the fear of retaliation and allies, he visions that the global peace of the next century will be built on equal right and opportunity which in layman’s sayings, “everyone is enjoying enough, no need to fight!”. For him, the ubiquity of technology- the fact that it is anywhere and anytime- has made miracles possible, free education (online) is one. If that can be magnified, equal right to opportunity is not impossible too. Sounds too dream-like? That’s Xie Loong, he an 18-year-old computer science student in Malaysia with a big dream and visionary to global peace. Powered by his volunteering experiences from grassroots to nation-building efforts, he is currently building 2 social enterprises that tackle sustainability issues using technology in countries all across ASEAN under Young Sustainable Impact- Southeast Asia and Citypreneurs: Urban Innovation Challenge, which is hosted by UNDP, UN-ESCAP, and WFUNA. As a student, he is also a tech advocate under Microsoft Student Partner Program to constantly engage with peers and vulnerable communities around with tech upskilling and literacy programs. Similarly, he is also the Vice President for a registered NGO- Financial Literacy for Youths Malaysia, which dedicates in promoting financial inclusion through online publications and hosting free seminars in universities across Klang valley

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