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Chombeng Rene Allen

Chombeng Rene Allen


Chombeng Rene Allen shu was born in Bamenda the capital city of the North west region of Cameroon.
The marginalization , tribalism and hate speech between the small indigenous communities in cameroon gave Mr. Chombeng an insatiable drive towards peace advocacy and motivational speaking.
Apart from other academic honours, he returned to the university of Bamenda where he is presently studying for a degree in English Private Law which is a natural bedrock for peace advocacy .
Mr. Chombeng in his quest for a peaceful world is the CEO AND founding father of Global peace Crusaders (GLOPEC).
He is a peace and reconciliation facilitator and a regular volunteer with international organizations and a resource person and field worker with Together For Women And Children (TOWOC) Which is a united nations organ.
He is also a motivational speaker with more than 100 motivational quotes and a seasoned motivational and peace speaker.
In one of his inspirational quotes on Tolerance, Chombeng says; “Just because you have a good harmer does not make every problem a nail, Tolerance is sometimes harder than a hammer. ”
Mr. Chombeng is a dedicated peace crusader who will stop at nothing to make a world a peaceful place
He is willing to travel the world to teach peace techniques and also to learn latest techniques on living together .

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