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Aleksandra Djurdjevic

Aleksandra Djurdjevic


Aleksandra is a Rotaractor, aspiring youth worker and peace leader, philologist and an online English teacher for a Russian school. She is currently studying comparative literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, which made her realize the potential of intercultural learning in peace building, but she wanted to experience being immersed in different cultures without the confines of a classroom. Her journey with peace building started with being one of the founding and board members of the e-club for youth „Rotaract Danube for peace”, which made her see how online platforms are important for promoting peace. She is also studying leadership and developmental community youth work at the Jönköping University. Participating in Erasmus+ youth exchanges sparked her passion for advocacy for human rights, broke some prejudice she held towards people from different cultural contexts, but she saw that these projects have only a short term effect on peace building in post-conflict zones such as Kosovo and Serbia. Thus, she considers youth work a key factor in peace building, because in order for peace to be a reality of cooperation between different cultures and ethical groups, and not only an empty, isotopic vision, facilitating the development of a new group of critical thinkers is needed.

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