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South Africa

Kelebogile is the Country Director, Global Peace Chain for South Africa.

From the age of 14 to date, I have been a leader in my own right of advocating for openness and transparency where Human Rights /LGBTI issues are concerned. I have lugged the responsibility proudly as a member of the community, even in hostile and possible career threatening situations in both locally, regionally and internationally. Sacrifices I have often found myself making for a worthwhile course like the essence of enjoying and experiencing the true essence of Human Rights. On an individual level as someone identifying with the LGBTI community, I have learned and experienced first-hand the struggles and challenges faced by this diverse community from all perspectives – especially in an African context! On a local level through my work on Human Rights education in rural South Africa, I have held the promotion and advocacy for Human Rights high above my head amidst the cultural, traditional and religious believes bestowed upon African men. I have created opportunities for sensitizing the population by leveraging off already existing social institutions and the power they hold to convene masses, discussed challenges faced by the LGBTI community publicly even in most repellent , created opportunities for addressing and talking about such issues – in Africa,which is a starting point for a very important conversation. I have established a Peer Mentorship and Sponsorship programs for LGBTI Youth, led and directed by elderly LGBTI members – where financial donations, personal, professional and career guidance and mentorship is enforced always. I have been successful in replicating the Safe Space Ideology in very hostile and male-controlled communities, where LGBTI inspirational movie screenings and dialogues are the order of the day. A vital recreational and communal activity bringing a sense of normalcy for the Youth. Regionally, through my field of work of Educational Development

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