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Global Peace Summit South Africa

Global Peace Chain

(A Project of MAPS) envisions to build resilience, cultivate the culture of tolerance, inclusivity, interfaith harmony,co-existence,love & social peace building across the border through peace camps in educational institutions, interactive sessions, peace talks with society stakeholders, diplomats, ambassadors, influential community groups,UN officials, religious scholars and community based organization across the globe by engaging Global Peace Ambassadors.

Global Peace Summit

is a platform where young peace builders will gather across the world and share their thoughts for concept on #PeaceByDialouge.
GPS is providing an opportunity to extra ordinary young,competent,enthusiastic and peace builders from 50+ countries where they can execute their ideas and get specific road map to attain sustainable development by receiving technical support.
This summit aims to connect inspiring young people,build their capacity on peace education,exchange their ideas,share projects,liasoning with like minded individual,engagement of international community and world leaders.



  • Youth between 16-35 of age.
  • Open minded,highly motivated and passionate.
  • Students,young professionals are encourage to apply.
  • Passionate to achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals



  • Airfare & Accommodation (Funded)
  • Opportunity to interact with Global Leaders
  • Meet with like minded young social entrepreneurs
  • Share your initiatives with others
  • Peace Education & Leadership Capacity Building
  • Panel discussion
  • Key note speeches
  • Focused group discussions
  • Group activities
  • Signatory campaign
  • Cultural Presentation
  • Gala Night
  • Site visit

Conference Theme:

1-Peace Education: Promoting peaceful thoughts which states that terrorism and violence has nothing to do with any caste,color,creed,ethnicity,region and religion.
2-Global Citizenship: Promoting youth voice on peace and social justice issues like human rights,terrorism,fifth generation war and conflicts.
3-Signatory Campaign: Amplify the voice of youth on Peace & Social Justice (1 million voices).
4-Youth Development: Providing youth a platform to excel their leadership traits.



Eligible Regions: Open for All
Application Fee : 30 USD (refundable upon rejection)
Modes of Transactions: 1. PayPal
Categories: 1. Fully Funded 2. Partially Funded 3. Self Funded

Are you ready?:



Applications are closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 (i)-Why GPC is charging 30USD fee when it is written Fully Funded?

Answer: 30USD is only application processing fee.If you are selected in top rated applicant, we will provide full scholarship to you.

ii-What i pay fee but not selected among top rated?

Answer: If you are not selected in top rated,GPC will still provide you acceptance letter to summit (Self Funded) upto the limit of participants.

iii- what if i am not selected?

If you are not selected for any reason GPC will refund your application fee with a minor deduction.

2-What if i do not have passport? can i apply?

Answer: Yes you can still apply and upload your national ID image into that section.
You are advised to make your passport till 10th March 2019 in case you are selected than will be asked for passport.
Your passport and entire data is highly confidential for GPC and it is 100 % secure.

3-What is the mode of payment? Are the safe ?

Answer: The mode of payment are Paypal and Western Union.Applicant can chose any payment mode.Details are mentioned in section 3 of the application form.Do not forget to attach proof of payment in said section.We have verified mode of payment and it is 100% safe.
1-Paypal: Direct Link;
or can be accessed by : (Mentor Amiable Professional Society)

4: We don’t have opportunity of paypal or western union in our country, What should we do?

Answer: Write as at with following details

1. Name

2. Contact number

3. country
We have other modes of funds transfer for special cases as well.

5: What are the final dates of event and duration?
Answer: The expected dates of event are between 19th , 20th April (tentative)
The duration of summit is 2 days.

6:Can we just apply online or any form (pdf) is available?
Answer: Candidates can only apply online via application form (Google Doc).
Application link:


Selected applicants will be informed by email.
Applicants who will pay fee along with application will be considered for final phase.

Take your chance,it can be you (Fully Funded)

Good Luck !


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Global Peace chain is an initiative of MAPS alongwith some partners who are

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